Quality Policy

Responding to the requirements of modern business reality and aiming to improve its organizational structure and in-house communication, in order to achieve faster and better service for its Customers, PATAFRITASHELLENIC FOOD SERVICES SA decided to design and implement a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ELOT EN ISO 9001/2015 International Standard.

The Company’s Quality Management System covers the Franchise Benefit Allowance System in the food services field & the Provision of Respective Consultation. This system has been designed according to the Company’s needs and aspirations as well as according to the Legal and Regulatory requirements of the current Greek and Community legislation.

The fundamental principle of the Company is to gain our Customers’ confidence and achieve their satisfaction, through fulfilment of specific quality standards and consistency. The general goal is provide excellent quality and interest services to the company’s Customers. In specific, the company pursues:

  • the consistent reduction of non-compliant services,
  • the constant broadening of the company’s market share in Greece and abroad, while covering needs in an increasing number of spots and always ensuring the highest quality of services,
  • the continuous upgrade of the company’s staff through training programs, as well as employment of new, qualified employees,
  • the constant amelioration of the Quality Management System and the Company’s operational capacity by making efficient use of the following tools:
    • Definition and review of quality aims.
    • Administration Review.
    • In-house Inspections.
    • Corrective and Preventive Actions.
    • Systematic data analysis from Quality records.

For a faster and more efficient achievement of the aforementioned goals, the Administration of PATAFRITASHELLENIC FOOD SERVICES SA:

  • Is committed to apply the principles of Quality Policy and Quality Management System it establishes.
  • Is committed to comply with the current Greek and community legislation.
  • Provides information to its human resources and encourages it to commit to following the same principles.
  • Is bound to provide the infrastructure and equipment required to implement its works and properly apply the Quality Management System.

In addition, the application of hygiene and safety is added to the philosophy and qualities of PATAFRITASHELLENIC FOOD SERVICES SA.

To achieve the said goals, all required reports have been implemented to the Quality Management System documentation. The company’s principles are fulfilled through systematic planning, procedures control and continuous improvement of all activities.

Each employee is responsible for his/her own quality of service and it is imperative to contribute to quality management and achievement of defined objectives. For this reason, and according to their responsibility, all employees are informed about the Quality Management System and act provably as the rules determine.

Any procedure, flow and action that does not guarantee the fulfilment of set out objectives, are immediately ceased by executives, reasons’ analysis are implemented, and all necessary improvement measures are taken.

This Quality Policy has been communicated to the entirety of the Staff while its principles and objectives are periodically reviewed by the Company’s Administration.




Chief Executive Office


Thessaloniki, 10/10/2017


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